Investing doesn't have to be scary or confusing. That’s why at WWFU, we keep it simple and easy to understand. You work hard for your money, why not put it to work for you?
When you invest with one of our money market accounts or certificates, you can do so with peace of mind – they’re federal insured.

We offer several ways to invest:

Money Market Accounts

This account is kind of like a savings account, because you have easy access to your money and you earn interest. The difference is that the interest rate is higher and so is the minimum balance.
Learn more about WWFCU’s Money Market Accounts here.


A certificate is like locking your money safely away for a set period of time. While certificates are less flexible than a money market account, they earn a consistent interest rate and they’re available in terms of three to 60 months.
Get more information on WWFCU Certificates here.


If your investment goals are longer term, then an individual retirement account (IRA) might be what you’re looking for. WWFCU has two different types of IRAs to choose from, each with their own tax and investment advantages.
Click here for details.

Need help navigating the world of investments? We can help: (734) 721-5700.

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