Direct Deposit

As much as we love seeing our members whenever we can, you might want to consider using direct deposit with things like paychecks and tax refunds. With direct deposit, your funds are electronically deposited right into your WWFCU account.

The benefits of direct deposit include having your money immediately available (no dreaded waiting period!), it’s convenient and you won’t risk losing your check. Plus, we waive any low balance charges on your account if you use direct deposit.

How to Use Direct Deposit

Once you set up direct deposit, you can just sit back and wait for the funds to “magically” appear in your account! Here’s what you need to know to set up direct deposit:

Accounts with 4 Numbers

Let’s say your account number is 1234. You’ll want to use this format to deposit into your savings account: 1000000001234. For checking, use: 1100000001234.

Accounts with 5 Numbers

- If your account number is 12345, you’ll want to use this format to set up direct deposit for your savings account: 1000000012345. For checking, use: 1100000012345.

You’ll also need our routing/transit number, which is: 272485932.

Still need help setting up direct deposit? Give us a call and we’ll help: (734) 721-5700.

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