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You’re never too young to start saving. With that in mind, WWFCU offers a Youth Savings Program that not only teaches children how important it is to save their money – we also make it fun!

Our Youth Savings Programs are for kids from birth to age 18. Imagine how much they could save during that time!

Below are our current Youth Savings Promotions. Keep checking back to see what new promotions we have to offer.

Contact a WWFCU Member Service Representative to learn more about our Youth Savings Programs: (734) 721-5700.




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Youth Promotions

 Raffle to Winnings

Raffle to Winnings

Deposit money into your youth account and you will be entered to win a $20, $10 or $5 gift certificate every quarter. Every time you deposit money into your account, make sure to fill out an entry card to be officially entered to win.

Ages: 0-13
 Save More

Save More to Win More

The more times you deposit money into your account, the more money we will give you. Visit us today and ask us for your “youth deposit card".  After every ten deposits of $10 or more, we will give you $10. Limit $40 annually.

Ages: 14-17  


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