Visa Buyers Bucks FAQ

How do I earn Buyers Bucks?

You automatically earn Buyers Bucks when you use your enrolled WWFCU Visa card. You earn one Buyers Buck for every dollar spent on eligible credit card purchases. We keep track of all the Buyers Bucks you've earned and give you with a monthly Buyers Bucks online statement.


How do I earn bonus Buyers Bucks?


Earn bonus Buyers Bucks when you use the ShopSTOP feature. ShopSTOP is an added benefit for Rewards cardholders and a convenient way to earn bonus Buyers Bucks while you shop online at any of the participating merchants found on the ShopSTOP website.

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When can I redeem Buyers Bucks?

You can redeem Buyers Bucks at any time, as long as you have at 750 Buyers Bucks. Looking to buy something but you don’t have enough Buyers Bucks? No problem! Points Purchase lets you purchase additional Buyers Bucks to make up the difference. Why wait? Redeem today!


Do Buyers Bucks expire?

They're good for three years from the end of the month they’re earned. So, there’s plenty of time (and ways) to use your Buyers Bucks.


What can I redeem my Buyers Bucks for?

You can redeem your earned Buyers Bucks for any of the following types of rewards:


Travel Rewards that Offer Service and Convenience

The Travel Resource Center is a full-service travel agency that can help with all of your travel needs. Our members get the largest selection of travel rewards in the market today through this program. Choose from flights, cars, hotels, cruises, vacations and experiences. You can book online or speak with an agent to plan your travel. It’s fast and easy, just exchange your Buyers Bucks and go!

  • Book Online
    Book online 24 hours a day with best-in-class technology at your fingertips. Search by point range, travel categories or travel type.
  • Book with a Professional Agent
    Call 800-932-9894 to speak with a certified travel agent and get friendly, expert help from a personal Travel Resource Center Specialist. They can help you plan your trip or vacation –everything from flights to unique adventure packages.



Redeem your Buyers Bucks for things you need: home appliances, sporting goods, computers, electronics, gourmet foods and more. There are literally hundreds of items to choose from.


Gift Cards

You can redeem your Buyers Bucks for gift cards to your favorite places to shop and/or dine. You can even get electronic gift cards to use instantly online or at the store!


Downloadable Rewards

Want your rewards right now? Take advantage of our online downloadable rewards. Redeem for music or use your Buyers Bucks for gift cards you can use to download audiobooks and movies. Then just sit back, relax and enjoy!


Charitable Donations

We also give you the option to donate your Buyers Bucks to help others. Visit the website to redeem your Buyers Bucks and choose from over 100 charities.



CouponCents gives you exclusive savings to local retailers and national brands. Our CouponCents-only deals include vacations, restaurants and local retailers. Save with CouponCents when shopping, dining, going to the movies or whatever you’re in the mood for.


Cash Back

You may choose to get cash back either on the website or call our Service Center toll-free at 844-CU-BUCKS (844-282-8257) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once your Buyers Bucks have been processed, you’ll get a check mailed to you within 7 to 10 business days.


Can I use my Buyers Bucks to pay for fees?


Click here to view a list of eligible fees.


How do I redeem my Buyers Bucks?

Getting the most out of Buyers Bucks is easy. Whether you want to check your Buyers Bucks balance, ask about program benefits or redeem your Buyers Bucks, you can always get the information you need:


  • Online Access
    For quick, easy access to your Buyers Bucks account at any time, simply click here - Rewards Login Opens a New Window.


  • Call 844-CU-BUCKS (844-282-8257)
    If you'd rather speak to a Buyers Bucks representative, you can call our service center 24/7. A courteous and knowledgeable professional will be ready to answer any questions, help you redeem your Buyers Bucks and provide information about the Buyers Bucks program.


Buyers Bucks E-Statement

Your Buyers Bucks website has the information you need to keep up-to-date on Buyers Bucks earned, special opportunities, and more. Your e-statement is updated online monthly.


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